Here I am creating my blog number 11 or something. So let’s see what’s different compared to previous attempts.

The only difference is that I’m using a perfectly good static site builder instead of a CMS. This is going to make the blog easier to host, so I’m expecting this to be online for a long time.

I think I’m also going to use my github account to host the blog. So as long as I’m programming, this should be alive.

I also want to make the blog on two languages, English and Turkish. English because that’s the language I’m using mostly for discovering new things and Turkish because I feel like creating helpful content in Turkish is just going to help more people. Quality Turkish content online is pretty rare to be honest. I’ll try to help my mother tongue on this end if I can.

Another big difference is that I finally got diagnosed for my ADHD after years of depression. So now I can focus on stuff that matters to me a lot more easier, and I’m hoping that I can make this blog a big part of my life.