Ruby on Rails

I use Ruby to hack stuff quickly but also Ruby on Rails is what i mainly use for web-based applications. Here is a list of projects that i’ve worked either personally or on a professional level.

  • Mailbutler A great companion app for both Gmail and Apple Mail. When I joined the company, there was only Apple Mail version with a php backend primarily used to handle subscriptions and payments. We moved the architecture to Ruby on Rails for better performance and greater support for Gmail. In this project worked on implementing the backend from database schema, to project realization. There were a lot of lessons learned while trying to serve 3000 req/sec. I would say, Mailbutler was the project where i learned the most.
  • A deal sharing website. Personally I’ve started the development process on September 2017. Then with time, our team grow into 4 people, the website currently have more than 500 users and growing.
  • Vehiculum Vehiculum is a leasing company that works by generating leasing pricing information for all around Germany with all the available cars on


  • Elevator Elevator is a simple library that restarts the current go binary with elevated(sudo) permissions.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a new hobby for me. Some of my projects related to subject can be found in the following list.